Need Help?

Before contacting us, and waiting for a reply, take a look at these common questions users have and see if a solution already exists.

How do I join one of the Fuzzy Squirrel Productions LLC websites?
Joining is easy! Most of our sites have a link on the very first page advertising the price of membership. Simply click on this link to sign up. Alternatively, you may click the “Join Now” button featured on every video preview page. In many other areas you will find a link to join on the right hand side of the page.

You can not join Fetish Video Store. This website only sells individual downloads and is not accessible via a membership.

Can I purchase an individual video for download without purchasing a membership?
For some older videos, you can.  However, we are phasing this option out in order to focus on providing the best possible experience for our members.  Some individual videos may be purchased for download at Fetish Video Store. This is a great way to get just one or two clips if you do not want a recurring monthly membership. Some of the older HD Wetting videos that are not featured on Fetish Video Store can be found on the HD Wetting Clips4Sale store.

I don’t want the name of the website to appear on my credit card billing statement. Is this possible?
Credit card companies require the first ten digits of a merchant’s company name to appear on your card statement, as well as the name of the processor.  Transactions at our site will show up on your statement as “*Fuzzy Squi” on your statement.

I do not have a credit card. Can I still purchase a membership?
We can accept payments via credit card, direct debit, and Bitcoin. Not all payment options are available in all areas though. When you click to purchase a membership you will be presented with the available payment options.

Is there anyway I can get a discount on the cost of a membership?
Yes! When you purchase a membership for more than one month at a time, you can get a discounted rate. You can purchase one month at the full rate, or purchase three or six months at a time with a discount. Please remember though, unless you cancel your membership you will automatically be re-billed at the end of the membership.

How can I cancel my membership?
To cancel your membership please visit our payment processor, Verotel, and click on the “Cancel” link.

I am having another issue with billing and/or my membership. What should I do?
You can always try contacting us directly and we will do our best to help you. However, for billing specific issues you may wish to contact our payment processor, Verotel.

I purchased a membership but I am not sure how to watch or download the videos. Can you help?
After purchasing a membership you should have received a user name and password. From the top menu, click on “Login” under “Members.”  You will then be prompted for your user name and password, then taken to the member’s area.

I am having trouble watching the streaming video. It only plays partway through or doesn’t play at all. How can I fix this?
The streaming video uses your browsers built in video playing capabilities. It doesn’t require any special software or plug-ins. It does, however, require a modern browser capable of supporting HTML5 video.

If the video will not play at all here are some things you can try to fix it-

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser and it supports HTML5 video.
  • Check your browsers security settings to make sure nothing is blocking your browser from opening the video.
  • Some media playing software will install video plug-ins for your browser. Some of these plug-ins do not correctly play the video and can result in the video not playing at all. You should uninstall or deactivate these plug-ins. The streaming video requires no additional software besides your browser to work.
  • There could be a problem with your internet connection. Check to make sure your connection is fast enough to handle the video playback. Make sure your router or firewall are not configured to block video from the site.
  • We use the RTA (Restricted To Adults) label to help protect underage people from accessing our site. This label identifies the site as having adult content to access control software. If your computer is set to block adult content, or you have adult filtering software installed, this could prevent you from accessing the video.
  • If all else fails, you can download the video file directly to your computer and try playing it in the media playing software of your choice.  To download a video, click on “Video Index/Downloads” in the footer menu.  Locate the title of the video you would like to download, then click on the file name on the right.  You should then be taken to a download page for that file.

When I try to download the high definition video, it opens in my browser and starts playing, but then stops. How can I fix this?
On some computers instead of downloading when you click on the download link, the video will open immediately and your media playing software will try to play it.  The file link is set to instruct your browser to download, but if you are using an older browser, that instruction may not be carried out.  If this is the case, you should update your browser.

To force your browser to download the video and bypass any media player software, right click on the download link for the file type you want to download and select “Save target as…” or “Save link as…” to download the video.

Do you have an affiliate program or any other way I can make money by sending you traffic?
Yes, you can make money by referring people to our sites. We have a competitive affiliate marketing program that is easy to set up. Our affiliate program works on a 50% revenue sharing system. Not only do you get half of the first transaction when a user first signs up, but half of every recurring transaction for as long as that user keeps their membership active.

Please visit this link for more information about our affiliate program.

How can I contact Fuzzy Squirrel Productions?
You can contact us at any time using our online contact form. Our membership websites also feature a live help button allowing you to chat direction with an Administrator if they are online.