Welcome to Fuzzy Squirrel Productions

We approach adult entertainment differently

Story Driven

We don’t see what we do as porn. We use video to tell erotic stories. Anyone can point a camera at a model, but we take a more challenging approach. Our goal is to produce story driven content that is captivating, arousing, fun, and portrays our models in a way that is positive and respectful.


Often, mainstream adult entertainment portrays their performs as mindless sex-bots. They lack personality, seeming to only exist in the scene to get fucked. We have a problem with this. At Fuzzy Squirrel Productions we believe real people, with real personality and real desires, are way more sexy. This is why we strive to show off our models’ personalities and portray them as real people.


With a background in TV and film production, we are serious about quality. We take a professional approach to content creation, using professional lighting and shooting with an experienced crew. As a result, our models get to enjoy working on a professional production and our users get to experience superior quality content.