About Fuzzy Squirrel Productions

We are Fuzzy Squirrel Productions, a small, independently-owned, adult video production business based in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.  We produce kinky videos and distribute them on our websites, where they are viewed by paying members from all over the world.  Our websites are rated as the absolute best sites in their niches by independent reviewers.1

Our first site, HD Wetting, launched in late 2008.  Disappointed with the quality of adult entertainment, we believed we could make a mark by offering original pee fetish videos in full high definition.  Almost immediately, we gained a strong following of pee fetish enthusiasts who were attracted to our professionally-produced, story-driven content.

As we moved forward with our business, we adopted several guiding values to keep us focused:

  1. We always want to portray our models positively. Too often models in porn are shown with no personality.  They are shown only as an object of sexual pleasure, but nothing more.  We believe real people—with real personality and real desires—are much sexier.  Our models are real people who are intelligent and fun, and our goal is to let their personalities come through in their videos.
  2. We are sex and kink positive. Too often people with fetishes feel ashamed of their sexual desires.  They feel like something is wrong with them because of their kinks.  We want to portray kinky lifestyles in a positive manner, giving our users permission to enjoy their kinks and not feel ashamed.
  3. We are an LGBTQ+ positive company. It is our firm belief that no person should feel shame or face discrimination because of their kinks, fetishes, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  Many of our models, friends, and family members are LGBTQ+, but even if they weren’t, we would still work to be a welcoming company for all people simply because it is the right thing to do.

Looking to the future, we are hoping to expand our business while keeping with our core values.  We are currently hiring new models, launching new websites, and offering services to other adult entertainment companies.  This is an exciting period of growth for us, and we welcome member feedback and input on our products and services.

1 Fetish Fish Reviews – https://www.fetishfish.com/pee/hd-wetting/