Squirrel Bucks

Revenue sharing affiliate program

Sign Up

First, sign up for an affiliate account.  Sign up is easy, and the requirements are pretty basic.  You just need a website, blog, or some way to promote your affiliate program.

Choose Ads

After you have signed up for an affiliate program, choose the banner ad or ads that you would like to display on your site. You will then be given the code to insert the ads that you select. Or, if you have coding skills, you can create a custom integration option.

Insert Code

Place your affiliate code in your site to display ads.  Now when your users click that ad and sign up for our website, you will be paid a 50% commission on whatever they spend, including all new and recurring transactions.


Use the promotional tools that we give you to promote our sites.  We provide you with a selection of pre-selected content for promotional purposes, or you can use any of the preview images from our sites.